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 Our premium collection of saddle pads are designed to elevate your horses performance with the perfect blend of style, comfort, and innovative design. Experience unparalleled comfort with high-quality, breathable materials providing the ultimate support and comfort.


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5 products


5 products

Thames Riding Tights

The Thames Equestrian collection of riding tights offer all the benefits of traditional riding jodhpurs and equestrian breeches with superior comfort and style.

Made from four-way stretch fabric our riding tights offer a saddle-safe long-wearing silicone seat - combining style and functionality.

Riding tights are traditionally made of a fabric more akin to the modern athletic legging, meaning they offer superior comfort and a more modern look than riding breeches or jodhpurs.

Our riding tights have been crafted from a custom fabric to provide the same support and flattering compression as riding breeches or jodhpurs, but with the use of technical modern fabrics which offer durability and style.

Unlike some riding tights, ours are extremely flattering on all body types and the silicone is very durable and won’t wear away. Our custom riding tight fabric is thick enough to provide optimal compression and support, with a flattering and comfortable fit. We offer the choice of full grip silicone with our Elite Riding Tights, or a lighter grip provided by the Henley Riding Tights.

Our silicone grip provides the perfect combination of security and freedom in the saddle. All of our riding tights come with a full sized phone pockets, and are available in sizes from 6 – 16.

We offer free returns and exchanges to ensure you get the perfect riding tights.

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